Elvis schreibt am 13. Mai 1956 Autogramme in St. Paul, Minnesota

Die Elvis-Fans Timi Anderson, Suzie Olson, Dede Smith und Anna Skarning treffen ihr Idol am 13. Mai 1956 in St. Paul/ Minnesota.

Information zum Foto

Am 13. Mai 1956 gibt Elvis zwei Konzerte in den „Twin Cities“ St. Paul und Minneapolis im U.S. Bundesstaat Minnesota. Während der Nachmittagsshow im Auditorium in St. Paul um 15:00 Uhr, haben Timi Anderson, Suzie Olson, Dede Smith und Anna Skarning die Möglichkeit ihr Idol zu treffen. Elvis schreibt bereitwillig Autogramme.

Suzie Olson erinnert sich später:

I thought you might be interested to know that I’m one of the girls in the Elvis photo. In fact, I may be the only living person left in that photo. The girl standing closest to Elvis is Timi Anderson, then myself, next to me is Dede Smith, who is responsible for getting us all backstage for the concert, and the girl on the far right is Anna Skarning, the promoter’s daughter.

Timi, Dede and I all knew each other and went to St. Louis Park Junior High School. Dede and I were 14 years old and were best friends, Dede and Timi were neighbors and I believe Timi was 13 at the time. I have no idea how much the ticket cost. I think Dede must have purchased them. I remember waiting out in the pouring rain for hours before we were allowed in. Then it was a mad stampede to get seats. Dede’s mother was a free lance writer and Dede was following in her footsteps and had a part time job writing for the local Sun Newspaper. She was the one who bugged the promoter to get us back stage which happened very shortly after the mad stampede.

Suzie Olson